Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colors by Llarowe Behead the Drama Queen and Beautiful Creature

If you are a polish addict like myself you are probably familiar with Llarowe. You probably also know that she now has an amazing nail polish line sold on....you guessed it...Llarowe.  I recently received a lovely package of polish to swatch for her and was so lucky to have Llarowe Behead the Drama Queen! and Beautiful Creature be two of those polishes. 

Behead the Drama Queen! (I adore the name) is from the Haters Gonna Hate! collection and Beautiful Creature is from the Beauty in Nature collection. I happened to swatch Behead the Drama Queen! first and then thought Beautiful Creature would look really pretty layered on top. 

Let's talk about Drama Queen first.

Colors  by Llarowe Behead the Drama Queen!
Llarowe describes Drama Queen as being a deep teal green that shifts navy to purple with hints of sapphire with intense shimmer in sunlight. 

What you see definitely depends on what lighting this chameleon is in. I swatched it on a cloudy day unfortunately. In my house (under daylight bulbs), I saw a lot of deep emerald with a really pretty tealish blue that borders the nail. The entire nail looked more blue depending on how I turned my hand.

You can see the blue shift on the corner of the bottle in this picture. 

This is one of those polishes that will have you staring at your hand all day. Drive with caution. 

 Sorry for the weird photo. I liked how you can see more blue in the polish so I wanted to show it.

Another weird angle but it really shows the blue flash. With the color shifts and blinding shimmer, this is a gorgeous polish. 

Alright, now let's take a look at Colors by Llarowe Beautiful Creature on top of Behead the Drama Queen.

Colors by Llarowe Beautiful Creature
Beautiful Creature is a glitter topper that has multiple colors and sizes of glitter in a clear base that's loaded with shimmer. I love the color palate of these glitters. They look very tropical and summery together. The splash of lime green and bright pink is my favorite part. 

 Love it!

You can purchase these polishes from Llarowe of course! You can tell that the Colors by Llarowe line was created by a polish lover who understands what her fellow lacquer heads want. There is something for everyone from this brand; cremes, glitters, shimmers, and holos. Oh the holos. They're good. Very good. 

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Different Dimension Vulnerable and Just Keep Swimming

I am SO excited to show you two amazing holos from Different Dimension. This is a fairly new to me brand and I've been very impressed so far. Vulnerable and Just Keep Swimming are beautiful holographic polishes and they have fabulous formulas. Holos used to be so hard to work with, requiring an aqua base, being a pain to apply, and then peeling off the next day. Ugh! I used my regular base coat (Duri Rejuvacote), applied two coats, and then Seche Vite for my top coat. The formula is extremely smooth, it practically applies itself. You probably won't believe me but they were very close to being one coaters but my nails are too long. Two coats were just right. I know, hard to believe right?

All pictures are outside in the sun. You can still see the holo effect inside but it is much more subtle of course. Just Keep Swimming has a stronger holographic effect than Vulnerable. Both are incredibly beautiful. Ok, put your bibs on here comes the holo!

Different Dimension Just Keep Swimming
This makes me want to jump in the closest pool or jump on the next flight to Hawaii. Sneaking into a pool would be free (but illegal) but tickets to Hawaii are expensive right now...Lush bath?

 The combination of this deep blue and strong holo effect is perfection. 

 Excuse me while I put this back on...wow...

Simply amazing! I'm in love with this polish.

Different Dimension Vulnerable
Could this be a work appropriate holo? What do you think?

Humina... humina... humina... (yes, I'm a dork).

I love the combination of the neutral color with the holographic sparkle. Divine.

Different Dimension Vulnerable and Just Keep Swimming is available at Llarowe

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*Products provided for review. 
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cult Nails Dance All Night Collection

With the latest collection from Cult Nails (Road Trip, Anyone?) on it's way to my mail box I decided it was time to get this post pulled together. Dance All Night has three cremes, three glitters, and a fabulous waxy top coat, Wax That. To prevent redundancy, I'm going to tell you about the formulas first because they were very consistent. 

The cremes were two coaters (almost one) with slightly thick but smooth and self leveling formulas. I wore two coats in all of the pictures. They were easy to work with, not to mention freaking gorgeous. The glitters are all in a clear base so you can put them over anything. I don't think you can use them on their own, they seem to be designed to be glitter toppers. I used two thin coats on all swatches except for one (I'll mention that with the picture). The glitter payoff was pretty good. I didn't have to manipulate anything and got an even amount of glitter on the entire nail. Cult Nails Wax That Top Coat is so much fun. I want to put it on everything! It's exactly as it sounds, it makes your polish look waxy and it's awesome. All I needed was one regular coat to get the effect.

Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

Cult Nails Faded is a blue toned grey creme.

Cult Nails Faded with one coat of Cult Nails Wax That Top Coat.

Cult Nails Faded with Cult Nails Center of Attention on top (two thin coats).

Cult Nails Center of Attention has rose hex glitter with duochrome (yellow/orange) micro glitter in a clear base.

Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle is a bright robin's egg blue.

Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle with Cult Nails Wax That Top Coat

 Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle with three coats of Cult Nails Dance All Night.

Cult Nails Dance All Night has blue and green hex glitter with duochrome (yellow/orange) micro glitter in a clear base. I wanted to see how opaque I could get the glitter but didn't like how it looked that thick so I stopped. I prefer these glitters with thin coats so they are evenly spread and not clumpy.

Cult Nails Love At First Sight is a bright and bold light purple (close to lavender) creme. 

Cult Nails Wax That Top Coat
Cult Nails Love At First Sight with Cult Nails Wax That Top Coat (one coat).

Cult Nails Love At First Sight
Cult Nails Love At First Sight with two thin coats of Cult Nails Walk of Shame.

Cult Nails Walk of Shame

Cult Nails Walk of Shame
Cult Nails Walk of Shame has gold hex glitter and holographic micro glitter in a clear base.

The glitter toppers don't look very sparkly in my pictures but don't let that fool you. They are super blingy in real life. The glitter lays absolutely flat. Any piece of glitter that looks curled is not, it's how the light is hitting it.

I love this collection and can't wait to break out Wax That again. My must haves are Faded, Walk of Shame and Wax That. You know, if I had to pick (my must haves are really all of them). Which ones do you like? What do you think of the wax effect?

You can find Cult Nails, here.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

KKCenterHK - Black Circle Glitter

Hello everyone! Today I have a very simple mani using black circle glitter from KKCenterHK. The circle glitter is 2.5mm that comes in a little container. You get a lot of glitter in these containers, I doubt I'll every use it all! The circles are very easy to apply. I put on a coat of top coat on my nail, dipped my dotting tool into top coat to pick up the glitter, and placed it on my nail. To seal it in, put on another coat of top coat. That's it!

The glitter is a teeny tiny bit thicker than other loose glitter that I've worked with before. I could still feel the circles after two thick coats of Seche Vite. I didn't want to put on anymore top coat because I didn't really mind that it wasn't completely smooth. This is something to consider if you want your nails to be completely smooth. 

Here is my mani, what do you think? 

Cult Nails Faded, Cult Nails Doppelganger, and Black Circle Glitter 

You can find the glitter, here for $8.00 + shipping. 

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*Some products in this post were provided for review. 
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Mint Mani For Talia Joy

Today's post is going to be a little different. It's not really about the nail polish. It's about a member of the Beauty/Makeup/Nail Blogging community that passed away this week. Many of you may already know who Talia is and may be rocking your mint manis today. If not, let me fill you in a little about Talia and how she touched my heart. 

Talia was a successful YouTuber who was battling cancer at the young age of 13. She was a very talented makeup artist who said that makeup was her wig. She was an upbeat, positive, and happy kid despite her trials. She inspired many including me. Being a person with chronic pain, I tend to get depressed and sometimes angry about the things I am missing out on in life. Let me be very clear, I'm not comparing what I'm going through with my health with someone who has cancer. When I stumbled across her channel, I was immediately sucked in by her adorable personality. Then I started thinking about how I need to work on being more positive and go for the things I want despite what is going on with my body. In the words of Miss Talia Joy, I decided to "just keep swimming"and with a smile on my face. 

The last picture Talia posted of her nails was of a mint colored mani. The nail art community decided to honor her by wearing mint manis today (technically yesterday). I posted my mani on Instagram and Facebook and am just now getting to my actual blog. *doh*

This picture is from my iphone and before I put on cuticle oil. When I went to take pictures with my camera, I bumped my nails and found out that they were not yet completely dry. My mani was ruined and I am so glad I took this picture with my phone. Phew!

Essie Sign of the Times
Zoya Wednesday, Essie Sign of the Times, Cult Nails Wax That, and heart rhinestone from KISS and Nail Art Society. 

I hope we will continue to remember Talia and her amazing attitude. 

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*Some products in this post were provided for review. 

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nail Mail and Haul May - July 2013

It's time for another nail mail/haul post for the last few months. These are the polishes I have acquired lately and have not done a post on yet. I'm not going to tell you much more than the name of the polish today. I'll give more details when I show you the swatches! 

Anything you're dying to see swatches of? Let me know in the comment section at the end of this post. Alright, here we go!!

Chick Nail Polish
Chick - Hipster Chick 


 Left to right: CrowsToes Gomez, Shoot the Butterfly, and Cheshire

Cult Nail's Dance All Night Collection
 Left to right: Cult Nails Faded, Love at First Sight, Nakizzle's Shizzle, Dance All Night, Walk of Shame, and Wax That (top coat)
Missing from photo - Center of Attention 

 Different Dimension - Wish You Were Here

 Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces
Left to right: Emily de Molly No Love Lost and Cosmic Forces

Emily de Molly Cosmic Forces

Essie Naughty Nautical
 Left to right: Essie The Girls Are Out and Naughty Nautical 

Jindie Nails Dream in Color

Lumina Lacquer 1000 Julys
 Left to right: Lumina Lacquer Young Americans and 1000 Julys

Lumina Lacquer 1000 Julys

 Lynnderella Golden Rules
Left to right: Lynnderella A Party of a Dress and Golden Rules

Lynnderella Golden Rules
 Left to right: Lynnderella A Party of a Dress and Golden Rules

Left to right: Nerd Lacquer Event Horizon, I Think You Call Me Sexy, Cyance Friction, and The Quantum Bluniverse

 Left to right: Nerd Lacquer Pinin' For The Fjords and Gotterdammerung

OPI Magazine Cover Mouse
Left to right: OPI Minnie Style and Magazine Cover Mouse (Liquid Sand)

 OPI Minnie Style

Picture Polish Mallard
 Left to right: Picture Polish Paradise and Mallard

Picture Polish Paradise 

Picture Polish Mallard

 Super Black Drunk Dial

Super Black HBIC

There ya go! I have more on the way so I have a lot of swatching to do. =)

Do you have any of these?

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